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Automated Audit-discovery

Auto-scan application(s) for container readiness and gives DevOps maturity rating.

Automated Containerization

Take surprises out and make your Digital Transformation more predictable

Simplified Deployments

Use CLI or simple drag-drop interface to deploy your applications to any cloud

On-demand Cloud

Schedule deployments on any Cloud. Eliminate transitions and handovers between the teams.

Integrations API

CloudHedge integrates directly with many popular DevOps tools and has APIs for integration.

Rolling Updates

Deliver upgrades and patches to clients through CloudHedge without any outage.

Enterprise Ready

Works with ITSM and CMDB tools to support compliance and governance requirements.

Predictive Monitoring

Machine Learning brings predictive intelligence to your container monitoring

Access Control & Audit Trails

With Access Controls, Automatic logging, audit requirements are easy to meet.

Services Discovered Automatically

Applications Transformed

App Environments Deployed

CloudHedge Support / Integrations