CloudHedge enables Enterprise IT or ISVs to modernize applications and deploy onto the cloud with minimum investment and maximum advantage. Cruize supports this effortless step in the journey of containerization.

Cruize is Cloud Agnostic

CloudHedge’s Cruize provides the option to select the preferred private or public or hybrid cloud of your choice. To seamlessly deploy your containerized apps, CloudHedge has partnered with AWS, GCP, Azure, IBM, Red Hat, and Oracle which makes the journey super smooth.

Worldclass Leader in Automated Deployment across Environments

The problem of vendor lock-in is non-existent with Cruize as it is the only tool in the world which enables enterprises to deploy apps seamlessly on any cloud, on-premise or in an air gapped environment with a few clicks. Deployments through Cruize ensures seamless set up of Infrastructure as Code definitions. Furthermore, enterprises can achieve optimization of CI/CD pipeline as well.

A quick snapshot and features of Cruize which simplifies deployments:

CloudHedge Cruize Benefits
Following are some of the takeaways from the tool which ensures:

Seamless Integration with DevOps Tools

A tool so efficient that it seamlessly integrates with DevOps (Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Bamboo, and similar.) pipeline for automated deployments. Automation enables time savings and further dips deployment efforts.

40% Straight Reduction in OpEx

The Cruize enables scheduled provisioning and deprovisioning of cloud instances and K8s, optimizes cost by 40% or more. You don’t need another resource just to manage cloud instances.

100% Microservices Ready

The Cruize enables hybrid blue-printing which enables containers and microservices converted into containers to co-exist. The tool compliments Strangler approach and while doing so further reduces TCO.

Seamless Support for EDGE Deployments

The simple drag and drop functionality of the Cruize supports deployment on Edge Devices within minutes. In addition, it also supports deployment of Docker on hosts within minutes.

One Interface to Manage All

All features of the Cruize can be leveraged using CH CTL, an in-house developed Command Line Interface tool. You can also configure container level auto-scaling and manage public endpoints to ensure security.

Blueprint with Future Proof

Cruize provides a unique blueprint technology which makes deployment future proof. Moreover, the tool also supports Helm Charts.

Manage Deployment Process Efficiently

Cruize maintains complicated scripts or workflow for every deployment instance it performs. The developer friendly tool ensures you get to manage processes, capture logs, and audit requirements quite efficiently.

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