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Planning to Modernize your Application?

Rising operating/licensing costs draining your budget? Have plans of modernizing an application from an on-premise data-center, or any other cloud to be more agile, scalable, and pace ahead of competition? Why not enhance your application landscape, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and take the first step right from day one.

CloudHedge Discover

Trust the Leader, Trust CloudHedge!

CloudHedge is the leader in the app discovery space and with the Discover™ tool enterprises can perform agentless, Artificial Intelligence-based, and secure analysis of Windows, AIX, and Linux applications. Unlike other assessment tools out there, it’s unique Application X-Ray feature actually can scan your application run-time at OS level and collects all intelligence related to your application and creates a recommendation report. This gives the most predictable and dependable plan for any modernization project. For decision makers and IT leaders, the executive recommendation report provides actionable inputs for application and it’s process’ modernization, it also provides answers to the following questions:

  • What is applications’ environment?
  • Is the application ready for cloud and/or containers?
  • What options do I have and which is the best route to move to cloud?
  • I have old legacy web apps running on Windows 2003, AIX, and Linux can they be assessed?
  • If I don’t want to move to the cloud what other options do I have?
  • How quickly can I extract this information without any documentation?
  • Dependencies? Third party libraries?

World’s First and Only Fully Automated and Patented App Discovery Tool

Most discovery tools focus on infrastructure, whereas CloudHedge Discover™is the only app discovery tool in the world that performs deep process level scanning, giving in-depth analysis and intelligent modernization recommendations with no sweat. Within minutes, take control to see your entire application portfolio and associated dependencies in a single view and:

  • Get actionable insights for application’s modernization
  • Track and verify process topologies
  • Discover 100s of Windows (be it as old as Windows 2003), AIX or Linux applications concurrently
  • Assess applications down to their processes and dependencies
  • Know unused or outdated applications and infrastructure
  • Generate assessment reports with findings and recommendations within minutes
  • Save on OpEx and CapEx by taking early business decisions like whether you need to retire, retain, re-host or refactor your application and infrastructure

See CloudHedge Discover in Action

Discover 1 or 1000s of Apps in One Go

CloudHedge Discover™patented technology has been specifically designed to take the extra load off your shoulders. Enterprises can scan 1000s of apps and extract finer actionable insights in one go.

Evaluate Risks and Identify Roadblocks within Minutes

Obtain a bird’s-eye view to pin-point risks and roadblocks through the app recommendation report generated for your Windows, AIX or Linux apps and make the journey predictable within minutes.

Invincible in Any Environment

Discover™can be used as a SaaS or an Enterprise version for air-gapped environments. We understand our customers and their governing regulatory authorities. Our years of product research and technology advancement has enabled us to offer the Discover™tool for both environments in the most secured manner.

Accelerate App Modernization

Accelerate your app modernization journey by accurately extracting data within minutes that enable enterprises to take the right decisions from day one.

100% Automated and Independent

Automated discovery gives a true picture of the application instead of depending on outdated or inaccurate CMDB / documentation .

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