CloudHedge Discover

App Discovery Automated

CloudHedge performs secure, agentless, AI based analysis of Windows, AIX and Linux Apps hosted on-prem and/or any cloud through its Discover™ tool. During the automated analysis, with the use of Application X-Ray CloudHedge scans applications, environment variables, services and processes associated.
CloudHedge’s Discover™ provides in-depth visibility for the most complex applications.

Use Application X-Ray to Extract Finer Details of your Application

CloudHedge Discover

Within minutes, Discover™ Enables Enterprises to:

  • Capture exchange of data flows between application processes.
  • Track dependencies between applications running on different servers.
  • Provide recommendations report for modernizing your apps and make the journey predictable and efficient.
  • Capture infrastructure details including - CPU, RAM, Disk, Network, etc.
  • Scan 100s of applications in one go - be it Windows, AIX or Linux.
  • Gain control to know if you need to Retain, Retire, Rehost or Refactor your application.
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