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Revving up Efficiency: BMW Saves 55% and 60% Faster Time-to-Market with Containers

To stay ahead in a competitive market, the client sought to migrate their local applications to a global infrastructure while improving performance and reducing costs. With sustainability as a key driver, they partnered with CloudHedge to containerize their applications within a tight timeline of five months.

Industry: Automobile

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Benefits Achieved

The collaboration between the client and CloudHedge yielded remarkable outcomes, demonstrating the potential for sustainable application modernization.

Enhanced Sustainability and Cost Savings

Containerization reduced operational costs by 55% through optimized resource allocation and minimized infrastructure requirements.
By leveraging the power of containers, the client significantly reduced their carbon footprint and contributed to a more sustainable future.

Accelerated Time-to-Market

Application discovery, containerization, and deployment were accomplished within a few weeks, slashing the overall project delivery timeline by nearly 60%.
Rapid creation of new environments allowed for quick scalability and responsiveness, accelerating innovation and time-to-market.

Improved Performance and Reliability

Achieved 99.9999% uptime and witnessed notable performance improvements, ensuring exceptional user experiences for dealers and customers alike.
24/7 operations support and adherence to AWS uptime SLAs ensured seamless operations and minimal disruptions.

Hybrid Cloud Portability

Established a scalable and automated containerization roadmap for the client’s remaining applications, unlocking further cost savings, operational efficiencies, and performance enhancements.

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    Revving up Efficiency: BMW Saves 55% and 60% Faster Time-to-Market with Containers