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Seamless AWS Onboarding: Unlocking OmniDeq & EKS Blueprints Integration

Qlorem team was using docker and docker-compose to provision/manage different environments and production. There was no integrated view to monitor different environments. Every deployment was done using a combination of custom scripts & manual deployment steps. That meant the team was spending significant time/effort in deployment of tenants. That meant management of environments was extremely difficult. Qlorem was looking to move to Kubernetes while keeping the deployment simple & streamlined. Client has limited DevSecOps resources, so they didn’t have/want to keep a team to develop/maintain custom scripts for Kubernetes deployments and various configurations. That meant investment/locking part of their team for DevSecOps automation instead of enhancing their platform capabilities.


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Benefits Achieved

CloudHedge designed and implemented a solution using the OmniDeq platform, combining it
with the capabilities of AWS EKS Blueprints. The solution provided the following benefits:

Simplified and Sustainable Deployment Process

Utilized Qlorem’ s standard EKS blueprint template to provision environments
easily, reducing resource consumption and waste.
Leveraged Application Blueprint versioning capabilities to deploy different
product versions efficiently, optimizing resource usage and reducing carbon

Streamlined Environment Promotion

Enabled seamless promotion of environments using ArgoCD/GitOps, ensuring
consistency and flawless deployment of EKS clusters and Qloremplatform
versions, leading to minimized errors and waste.

Enhanced Configuration Management

Achieved end-to-end traceability of application and cluster configurations
through the GIT repository, improving transparency and facilitating eco-friendly

Extended Support and Flexibility

Empowered Qlorem to operate and support environments and customers using third-party
plugins, allowing for further customization and integration of sustainable technologies.

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