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Applications are the backbone of any digital business! They allow organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences, innovate at supersonic speeds, and harness the true power of breakthrough technology. However, to truly extract the advantages of any business applications, organizations need to ensure that their applications are agile, flexible, cost-efficient, scalable, support continuous delivery, etc. basically – the applications need to be cloud-ready. One of the prime reasons being, legacy applications have limitations and they cannot perform, run or scale-like a cloud-native would do. And with Amazon Web Services (AWS) being the definitive choice to save tons on resources and boost agility, flexibility, etc. let’s learn how to accelerate your cloud journey to AWS.

How does App Modernization work?

Where is your current application, is it on-premise or in the cloud? App Modernization should work or modernize in both the scenarios that too in the most simplified manner. Here are a few questions that should be answered before going ahead with application modernization:

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