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Cloud Native Apps – The future of App Modernization

Cloud as we know In the last couple of decades, businesses have transformed from monolithic to service-oriented to microservices architecture. As a matter of fact, infrastructure has moved from physical servers to virtual machines to cloud and delivery models have changed from waterfall to agile to DevOps. This paradigm shift is being hailed as App … Read more

How to Accelerate App Modernization using CloudHedge

Legacy Days Maintaining legacy applications can be an affliction that saps up energy, time, and resources. Application modernization remains fashionable and involves refactoring, re-purposing, or consolidating legacy software to align it more closely with current business needs and add business value. Traditional methods for modernizing applications include rewriting existing application code to a more modern … Read more

De-Risk Application Modernization

There is a lot of pressure on enterprise IT to adopt cloud, and rightfully so. Most enterprises are moving toward multi-tenant, fully managed deployments, but most are seeing a careful, deliberate migration towards public cloud or hosted environments. Identifying and assessing challenges is the key point before taking any steps to modernize or migrate applications. … Read more

Why Should You Containerize Applications?

A container is a type of an operating system virtualization which helps in the efficient running of applications across platforms with minimum consumption of resources. As a matter of fact, a single container can be used to run anything from necessary executables to libraries, configuration files or even basic or advanced binary codes. Containers are … Read more

Automated Containerization of Apps Using CloudHedge

Well, the answer is yes and no. Containerization is a relatively new technology and needs significant efforts to containerize an application, orchestrate, secure, manage and monitor it. Hence it’s worth looking at what does it take to containerize, deploy and run an application in real production in bit details for you to take a call … Read more