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Automate Assessment and Analysis of Apps for Modernization

Thank you for reading my last blog on how to modernize age-old applications using automation. Let’s take a closer look at the available automated tools and explore the insights they extract to speed up app modernization. Assessment and Analysis The automation tool for application assessment should: Assess applications across the maximum landscape within an enterprise (Windows, Linux, … Read more

How to Accelerate App Modernization using CloudHedge

Legacy Days Maintaining legacy applications can be an affliction that saps up energy, time, and resources. Application modernization remains fashionable and involves refactoring, re-purposing, or consolidating legacy software to align it more closely with current business needs and add business value. Traditional methods for modernizing applications include rewriting existing application code to a more modern … Read more

App Journey to be Cloud Native – Automated!

Yes, you read it right! The journey of existing apps on-prem to cloud-native has been automated with the use of CloudHedge.io. Allow me to share different steps taken for automation and which scenarios are a better fit. If you have 100s and 1000s of applications and are looking to assess them for cloud readiness, it … Read more

CIO Perspective on Application Modernization

Does Process Refactoring Make Business Sense? CIO’s of large enterprises are aware that Digital Transformation cannot succeed without a good strategy for handling legacy applications’ modernization. The immediate driving factors for considering application modernization are: Security and Scalability challenges. E.g. Microsoft’s recent announcement for Windows 2008 end of support Business units demand technology solutions at … Read more

De-Risk Application Modernization

There is a lot of pressure on enterprise IT to adopt cloud, and rightfully so. Most enterprises are moving toward multi-tenant, fully managed deployments, but most are seeing a careful, deliberate migration towards public cloud or hosted environments. Identifying and assessing challenges is the key point before taking any steps to modernize or migrate applications. … Read more

3 Steps to Modernize Apps with Automation

Modernizing applications to the cloud will not only save time and resources but also help in scaling your offering! Sounds familiar? Well, it has to since everyone is pacing ahead of the cloud curve. So isn’t it an obvious move for those age-old legacy applications to be modernized to cloud? Here is a quick read … Read more

CloudHedge Teams Up with Google Cloud to Bring Next-Generation App Refactoring

CloudHedge automates application refactoring within days instead of months to extract the full potential of monolith application. Pune, India – May 14, 2019: CloudHedge announces a new collaboration with Google Cloud, as a Technology Partner in the Google Cloud Partner Program, giving Google Cloud customers the ability to quickly refactor application services into containers by … Read more

Containerizing Heavy Workloads to Cloud for Enterprises

For about a year, since we incorporated CloudHedge.io and during the 18 months of product building before that, we spoke with hundreds of prospects (both partners and clients included). Our team worked directly with clients and with partners, enabling them to try the product and later on-board them. While Partners are big global SI’s, customers … Read more

Leveraging the Benefits of Cloud for Media & Entertainment Industry

Viewers are streaming gigabytes of content every day than before. Their expectations of viewing endless high-quality content, anytime – anywhere and on any screen size and device is driving business for media companies. As a matter of fact, PwC anticipates revenue from the Media & Entertainment will reach an estimated $2.2 trillion by 2021. In … Read more

The Need of Cloud for Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies are witnessing a shift in the way they function where innovative products, beyond the pill concepts, automated machine systems, etc. are defining new boundaries. Eroom’s law acknowledges the fact which states the cost and time taken to develop a new drug almost doubles every nine years. With the recent developments in cloud technology, … Read more