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Automated Containerization of Payment Gateway Applications on AWS

About the Client The client is a leading PCI-DSS compliant payment gateway, the company caters to millions of financial transactions happening round the clock via a variety of products that support net-banking, online and POS card payments, UPI, and IVR based functionalities. Considering the nature and criticality of the business, the client approached CloudHedge to … Read more

Automate Assessment and Analysis of Apps for Modernization

Thank you for reading my last blog on how to modernize age-old applications using automation. Let’s take a closer look at the available automated tools and explore the insights they extract to speed up app modernization. Assessment and Analysis The¬†automation tool for application assessment¬†should: Assess applications across the maximum landscape within an enterprise (Windows, Linux, … Read more

How to Modernize Applications using Automation

Automation and adoption of cloud (public and/or private) are the two key components for the success of Digital Transformation. Automation has been synonymous with the agility and scalability of applications and infrastructure. DevOps ensures quick release of apps all the way from development to test to the stage to production. Cloud ensures quick allocation of … Read more

Accelerate Modernizing FSI Vertical’s Legacy Apps

In the past 2 years over 25 FSI enterprises have explored CloudHedge to automate modernization of legacy apps. Applications within FSI enterprises are two kinds, the back-office apps and the external consumer apps (end customers or partners/vendors). Most of these applications were built with legacy technologies and are difficult to quickly add/fix features or hot-fixes. … Read more