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Automated Containerization of Payment Gateway Applications on AWS

About the Client The client is a leading PCI-DSS compliant payment gateway, the company caters to millions of financial transactions happening round the clock via a variety of products that support net-banking, online and POS card payments, UPI, and IVR based functionalities. Considering the nature and criticality of the business, the client approached CloudHedge to … Read more

App Modernization of WebSphere Applications on Linux to WebSphere Liberty Containers

App Modernization is the Future App Modernization is the way forward, especially when you have hundreds of enterprise WebSphere applications nesting on AIX. These applications are age-old, heavy, and expensive to manage and modernize. This causes a huge roadblock especially when your business is growing and your apps need to be scalable, cost-efficient to run … Read more

Customizing Containers during App Modernization using CloudHedge

CloudHedge Transform provides the user with the option of modifying the data that goes into the container. It uses the data gathered from the X-Ray, a part of the CloudHedge Discover module that has been performed on the process. Using the Transform Platform, the user can currently: Edit the Dockerfile used to generate the container … Read more

App RePlatforming from Windows to Linux using CloudHedge

Are you fed up with constant system upgrades, virus attacks, and the cost burden of Windows licenses? Wouldn’t it be better if the platform had endless support? Then re-platforming the application from Windows to Linux is the better option because the operating system matters while doing the application development. Reasons to Replatform  Most of the … Read more

Top 5 Reasons for Enterprises to Modernize their Applications to Cloud

While the secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new, adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win. Enterprises that overlook modernization are sure to fail in fulfilling critical compliance and security problems thus, endangering both, their businesses … Read more

Automated Containerization and DevOps Solution for Chitale Dairy

About the Client Established in the year 1939, Chitale Dairy is a leading agro and dairy product manufacturer in India. Lately, with the exponential growth and success in the agro and dairy industry, the group has diversified into allied industry verticals that include – Digitals and Foods. Chitale Dairy is also well known for its … Read more

Edge Computing is the Future, and Containerization is that Indispensable First Step

Gartner defines edge computing as solutions that facilitate data processing at or near the source of data generation. In this context edge computing is a key consideration while planning your digital business roadmap. “Organizations that have embarked on a digital business journey have realized that a more decentralized approach is required to address digital business … Read more

Accelerate Containerization of your Legacy Apps through CloudHedge

Containerizing your age-old legacy applications is the way forward! Yes, it’s true that the benefits attached to containerization are quite rewarding for enterprise apps in the long run. It is also true that not all applications should be containerized. Assuming your application is ready for containerization, you may want to analyze the approach taken to … Read more

Modernization of .Net Monolithic Application to AWS

About the Client The client – Moveable Container Storage (MCS) is a One-Stop shop for portable ground level Storage Containers & Office Containers used throughout the USA for many purposes such as temporary storage and mobile offices. MCS has a nationwide network with more than 60 locations. The Business Challenge The client had an IIS-based … Read more