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Accelerate Containerization of your Legacy Apps through CloudHedge

Containerizing your age-old legacy applications is the way forward! Yes, it’s true that the benefits attached to containerization are quite rewarding for enterprise apps in the long run. It is also true that not all applications should be containerized. Assuming your application is ready for containerization, you may want to analyze the approach taken to … Read more

Why Enterprises should push for Container Adoption in 2020?

Introduction Enterprises that have been running their own data centers for a number of years are skeptical of the benefits associated with cloud. One of the considerations for many enterprises is to be able to build modern applications such that the dependency on a particular cloud stack is minimal, or the interfaces that are depending … Read more

How to Reduce Docker Image Size

Recently, I have been tasked to migrate the existing set of Docker images from Ubuntu to RHEL UBI. The product has more than 25 images, so keeping the new image size as small as possible is one of the goals while migrating the images. Everyone is well aware of the advantages of keeping the Docker … Read more

Automated Containerization of Apps Using CloudHedge

Well, the answer is yes and no. Containerization is a relatively new technology and needs significant efforts to containerize an application, orchestrate, secure, manage and monitor it. Hence it’s worth looking at what does it take to containerize, deploy and run an application in real production in bit details for you to take a call … Read more

Containerizing Heavy Workloads to Cloud for Enterprises

For about a year, since we incorporated CloudHedge.io and during the 18 months of product building before that, we spoke with hundreds of prospects (both partners and clients included). Our team worked directly with clients and with partners, enabling them to try the product and later on-board them. While Partners are big global SI’s, customers … Read more

How Quick Start Helps to Run OpenShift on AWS

Red Hat OpenShift container platform enables enterprise/start-ups to develop, deploy, and manage existing container applications on-premise or in the cloud. Organizations can make use of proven, efficient, and powerful open-source technologies to create and deploy applications that are secured, scalable, highly available with minimal management and configuration. Running OpenShift on AWS is a perfect combination … Read more

An Excerpt from Docker Monitoring

Lately, IT teams are looking for Docker monitoring tools as legacy products like cAdvisor and Sysdig cloud do not offer greater insights. Docker monitoring needs a crucial change in the way your agents, plug-ins, and monitoring works to support containers. Many enterprises have started deploying significant production workloads on Docker, it seems there is a … Read more