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Webinar – 6Rs: What’s the Right Strategy for Application Modernization with CloudHedge, Cloud4C and Google Cloud

Applications are the backbone of any digital business! They allow enterprises to deliver exceptional customer experiences, innovate at supersonic speeds, and harness the true power of breakthrough technology. Modernizing these apps is a time-consuming process involving millions of complexities. Moreover, it’s a process of progressively and seamlessly transforming apps, infra, data, and processes so that … Read more

CloudHedge Teams Up with Google Cloud to Bring Next-Generation App Refactoring

CloudHedge automates application refactoring within days instead of months to extract the full potential of monolith application. Pune, India – May 14, 2019: CloudHedge announces a new collaboration with Google Cloud, as a Technology Partner in the Google Cloud Partner Program, giving Google Cloud customers the ability to quickly refactor application services into containers by … Read more

The Need of Cloud for Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies are witnessing a shift in the way they function where innovative products, beyond the pill concepts, automated machine systems, etc. are defining new boundaries. Eroom’s law acknowledges the fact which states the cost and time taken to develop a new drug almost doubles every nine years. With the recent developments in cloud technology, … Read more

CloudHedge Exhibiting at the Nasscom Design Summit 2018

It’s that time of the year where Nasscom gathers the big brains from the startup industry and invites them for an awesome two-day event – The Design Summit. This time, the summit would be packed with 12+ keynote sessions, 4+ panel sessions, 12+ product showcases, 10+ experience zones and with more than 700+ attendees from … Read more

An Introduction to Migrating Applications from Legacy to Cloud

Lately, most organizations are finding it difficult to continue with their legacy architecture, especially when they are CapEx based. The worry is not only around rising costs but the fact that these applications are not scalable and are a complete disaster to manage. Moreover, legacy applications hamper the performance of the offering which is a critical … Read more