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Automate Containerization of Apps to OpenShift using CloudHedge’s App Modernization Platform

IBM Cloud Paks – Certified Firstly, super excited to share that CloudHedge has successfully completed the IBM Cloud Paks certification, IBM has some stringent requirements for achieving this certification which includes having an Operator certified product listed on Red Hat Marketplace. CloudHedge’s intelligent App Modernization Platform enables enterprise customers to transform their legacy workloads to … Read more

Containerizing Applications? Read this First!

Cloud and Containers Moving to the cloud? Containers top the chart when it comes to application modernization while shifting from legacy to cloud. To support the claim, statistics from Gartner do talk in similar numbers, and it’s interesting to know that containers additionally bring down OpEx and boosts productivity.  Gartner predicts that by 2022, more … Read more

App Journey to be Cloud Native – Automated!

Yes, you read it right! The journey of existing apps on-prem to cloud-native has been automated with the use of CloudHedge.io. Allow me to share different steps taken for automation and which scenarios are a better fit. If you have 100s and 1000s of applications and are looking to assess them for cloud readiness, it … Read more

Automated Application Assessment using CloudHedge Discover

For adoption of cloud, for enterprises, there are tools which enable movement of VMs or hosts to the cloud. However, to seek the benefits of cloud, enterprises or startups need to focus on applications and not the entire infra over which the application resides. To ensure applications work post-migration, they need to be assessed on … Read more

3 Steps to Modernize Apps with Automation

Modernizing applications to the cloud will not only save time and resources but also help in scaling your offering! Sounds familiar? Well, it has to since everyone is pacing ahead of the cloud curve. So isn’t it an obvious move for those age-old legacy applications to be modernized to cloud? Here is a quick read … Read more