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CloudHedge and Polyverse Partner to provide Leading-Edge Proactive Container Security while Modernizing Enterprise Applications

Plano, Texas, United States – March 15, 2021 – CloudHedge Technologies, the world leader in application modernization platform, partners with Polyverse, to provide proactive Zero Trust software security for Linux containers. Therefore, raising the bar for swift and secured automated application modernization for enterprise customers. CloudHedge’s intelligent App Modernization Platform accelerates modernization of enterprise applications … Read more

Efficacy of CloudHedge Discover for your Application Environment

Legacy Days Applications deployed years ago may have undergone changes over the years, and there are strong possibilities of the changes not being documented or recorded. All the undocumented changes can bite back as a security breach or get NCs (non-compliance) during an audit exercise. Also, if there is a drive to modernize applications, the … Read more

Automated Containerization of Windows 2012 App

About the Client The client is one of the big four private sector banks in India. The bank provides a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery channels and through its specialized subsidiaries in the areas of investment banking, life and non-life insurance, venture … Read more

De-Risk Application Re-Factoring

While cloud adoption in general has been on the rise, the migration of business-critical legacy application workloads to the cloud has been relatively cautious. Apart from financial risk, the primary reason for this precaution is the inherent risk to business operations. Customers who venture into application refactoring have broadly two options: A) Big-Bang Refactoring The … Read more

Modernise Windows 2008 Apps, Automatically!

With support for Windows 2008 shrinking, most enterprises are looking for options to move their apps onto newer versions of Windows (2016 or 2019). Some enterprises are okay paying through their nose for extended support, the majority cannot afford it! Some enterprises started migrating these apps ahead of time, however, some are stuck on which … Read more

Containerizing Legacy Windows Applications

There should be no doubt anymore that containers are revolutionizing the world of application development and leading the charge for purpose-built cross-cloud and hybrid-cloud topologies. There are other virtualization platforms that solved problems in server consolidation and data center optimization, but in the new world of cloud and mobility, proprietary monolithic middleware may have had … Read more

An Introduction to Migrating Applications from Legacy to Cloud

Lately, most organizations are finding it difficult to continue with their legacy architecture, especially when they are CapEx based. The worry is not only around rising costs but the fact that these applications are not scalable and are a complete disaster to manage. Moreover, legacy applications hamper the performance of the offering which is a critical … Read more