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Modernizing AIX Workloads using CloudHedge

On a given month, we get 1/3rd of requests for modernizing AIX workloads, and that’s perfectly fine because though it’s not a widely used platform there are still thousands of businesses running their mission-critical apps on AIX. Modernizing AIX workloads is a challenging task, and the next question that comes to your mind is where … Read more

Containerizing your Apps on Cloud and On-Premise using CloudHedge

Containers Today We can unequivocally state that the Containerization tide is here to stay. Organizations are evaluating when they must opt for it. Whether they should consider containerization on-prem or on-cloud. The pertinent question that they must ask themselves, though, is how to do it best and stay afloat in an efficient manner in the … Read more

Stateful Apps and Support of Persistent Storage

With enterprises and ISVs adopting containers and Kubernetes (k8s) to increase the agility and scalability of their applications, they would want more applications to be deployed on k8s. Applications can be a mix of stateful and stateless. Until recently, only stateless applications were supported by k8s. However, with the advent of persistent storage on k8s, … Read more