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De-Risk Application Re-Factoring

While cloud adoption in general has been on the rise, the migration of business-critical legacy application workloads to the cloud has been relatively cautious. Apart from financial risk, the primary reason for this precaution is the inherent risk to business operations. Customers who venture into application refactoring have broadly two options: A) Big-Bang Refactoring The … Read more

3 Steps to Modernize Apps with Automation

Modernizing applications to the cloud will not only save time and resources but also help in scaling your offering! Sounds familiar? Well, it has to since everyone is pacing ahead of the cloud curve. So isn’t it an obvious move for those age-old legacy applications to be modernized to cloud? Here is a quick read … Read more

Containerizing Legacy Windows Applications

There should be no doubt anymore that containers are revolutionizing the world of application development and leading the charge for purpose-built cross-cloud and hybrid-cloud topologies. There are other virtualization platforms that solved problems in server consolidation and data center optimization, but in the new world of cloud and mobility, proprietary monolithic middleware may have had … Read more

Leveraging the Benefits of Cloud for Media & Entertainment Industry

Viewers are streaming gigabytes of content every day than before. Their expectations of viewing endless high-quality content, anytime – anywhere and on any screen size and device is driving business for media companies. As a matter of fact, PwC anticipates revenue from the Media & Entertainment will reach an estimated $2.2 trillion by 2021. In … Read more