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Time bound enterprise application transformation

Time bound enterprise application transformation


BFSI enterprise with set of legacy applications


  • Large percentage of IT budget was spent on servicing, maintaining, and operating a legacy application, customer had to reduce the cost by moving application to containers.
  • Had an option of asking their cloud hosting provider to “lift and shift”, they soon realized it had challenges.
  • They started with proof of concepts and soon realized, it requires a lot of time and effort with a long learning curve.


CloudHedge’s Discover and Transform tools were deployed to:

  • Identify right size of infrastructure required in the cloud (Workload analysis engine)
  • Collect information about running services without much documentation and involvement from the client team
  • Automate refactoring of legacy application into microservices (application modernization) in 3 weeks (this includes necessary code changes)
  • Refactor with a view towards DevOps agility
  • Choose Container based continuous delivery setup for quick deployments for all environments including development, QA, staging and production because of choice of deployment targets like Kubernetes, Docker Swarm or simple host based deployment

Discover tool identified

  • Configuration files and values that will vary by environments
  • Workload type
  • Services that can be easily separated out
  • Auditing the application for compliance to 12 factor app principles

Transform tool offered following choices for customer regarding cloud migration of application

  • Replicate environment(s) on cloud in minutes with default strong security settings
  • Refactor application components automatically as Docker containers


  • Enables the customer  to upgrade or add new features in days instead of months
  • Save cost on maintaining the older infrastructure
  • Application now supports no-downtime upgrades, HA, and horizontal scaling within minutes
  • Hybrid cloud portability


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