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Unlocking New Possibilities with CloudHedge and IBM Edge Computing

Unlocking New Possibilities with CloudHedge and IBM Edge Computing

Edge computing is gaining huge momentum lately, and with the onset of 5G, the opportunities are endless. Moreover, it ensures or brings computation and data storage closer to where the data is generated, further enables better control, reduces costs, provides faster and actionable insights, and supports continuous operations. In fact, by 2025, 75% of enterprise data will be processed at the edge, compared to only 10% today, as predicted by Gartner.

To simplify further,  CloudHedge completed the IBM Edge certification for its CloudHedge App Modernization Platform. And we are super excited about this because it enables our enterprise clients to containerize and mobilize their mission-critical workloads to Edge devices in an accelerated manner.

CloudHedge App Modernization Platform with Edge Certification

CloudHedge’s Application Modernization Platform consists of – Discover, Transform, and Cruize, delivering exceptional value to clients with its automated containerization of workloads from bare-metal or VMs all the way to the cloud or the Edge. Using CloudHedge, existing investment in legacy workloads (Windows, Linux, and AIX-WebSphere) can be leveraged while deploying to Edge/IoT devices, therefore, making the path predictable and cost-efficient, which further drives innovation. 

I remember the team was going through regular updates on the Edge certification as IBM has a rigorous process to get their partners Edge certified. As a matter of fact, the certification process involves ~200 linter checks for Kubernetes and container coding best practices across. The day we received an email from IBM that CloudHedge has successfully cleared several levels of qualification laid down by IBM to achieve the Edge Certification, the entire team was on cloud 9, literally! 

Next Steps?

Enterprises planning to migrate their business applications to the Edge can leverage the combined capabilities of CloudHedge and IBM Edge solutions. CloudHedge automates containerization of Windows and Linux workloads to mobilize them to the Edge. IBM Edge Application Manager provides policy-based autonomous management for these edge workloads. A single administrator can manage the scale, variability, and rate of change of application environments across tens of thousands of endpoints simultaneously. 

Feel free to visit our offerings on the IBM Cloud Paks partner portal, you can either contact us through there or email us directly at to get started with your cloud journey.

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