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Automated Application Refactoring

“Our tools allow users to discover their infrastructure using existing server utilization metrics and recommends changes based on workload.

Modernize your application into micro-services


Our unique tool ‘Discover & Transform’ helps enterprise customers in choosing the best way to adopt cloud. We believe the cloud migration should not just be lift and shift. Application’s behavior will remain the same, you end up paying more for resources not used during off peak times. The application is also not optimized for portability, elasticity, resilience, etc.

What it does?

  • Without giving us any information about running applications, our tool(s) collect information about running applications/ services remotely.
  • Automatic refactoring of monolithic applications into microservices (application modernization) in a short period of time
  • Getting started with Docker containers basics
  • Choose any Container deployments to target like Kubernetes, Docker Swarm or simple hosts
  • Refactoring with a view towards DevOps agility
  • Separation of environment and functional configurations
  • Workload analysis engine for identifying right sized infrastructure in the cloud
  • Migration to cloud by analyzing the workload patterns of existing applications

To seek cloud native benefits, our Discover and Transform tool automates refactoring components of your application. Now, this does not take months, the application is transformed in weeks. We containerize your existing application components, configurations, and data elements and deploy into a container. Containers provide cloud native benefits of portability, elasticity, resilience, etc. We help you transition from a typical process of on-premise to Cloud with steep learning curve and loss of potential increase in topline to quickly containerize your application in weeks. Yes, in weeks!

Why Should I care?

“Lift and shift” service to an AWS or Azure or Google is available to use. We complement them by discovering the workload and transforming application to containers. One additional benefit of leveraging Discover and Transform tool, the container(s) are portable to any cloud.

The best part is, you don’t have to dedicate team members (and/or) to provide any information about your running applications.