Infrastructure As Code

“Our standards based approach for infrastructure automation reduces dependency on individual skills and custom automation scripts.

Manage multiple applications, versions including Infrastructure


Infrastructure as code speeds up and simplifies provisioning and configuration systems. Secure by default and No open doors across environments (Dev, Test, Prod) & applications. CloudHedge manages deployments, locations, users, roles, and policies related to an application. This flexibility, allows you to manage multiple applications, versions and deployments concurrently.

What it does?

  • Standardized/ version controlled infrastructure management code
  • Ability to adapt to growth by making use of repeatable/scalable infrastructure using standard tools
  • Build services around business capabilities you require
  • Never write custom deployment scripts again

Why Should I care?

  • Make configuration code changes repeatable and standardized
  • API-driven model enables management of infrastructure with language typically used in application code
  • Free developers from manually configuring operating systems, system applications, and server software
ProjectInfrastructure As Code