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Webinar: Modernizing Legacy Applications | Hosted by Virtusa with CloudHedge and Forrester

Webinar: Modernizing Legacy Applications | Hosted by Virtusa with CloudHedge and Forrester

Modernizing heritage applications is the way forward for enterprises who are considering moving to cloud. However, modernizing heritage apps is a very strategic decision which depends on multiple factors like budgets, organizational needs, vision, priorities, and technology. Moreover, now would be the right time to evaluate the potential capabilities of the application and know if it’s the right fit for being cloud native. Before you jump on the app modernization bandwagon, here are few questions that would help you to plan your modernization journey.

  • Why is app modernization required?
  • Where do you begin with app modernization, what are the first steps that need to be taken to complete a successful modernization?
  • Which applications can be modernized? Can you modernize even if they are deployed on the cloud?
  • What skill sets are required to execute large-scale modernization?
  • How can you make the app modernization predictable and cost efficient?
  • Can you ensure the modernization process is secured and there would not be any sort of attacks or exposure of vulnerabilities?

To answer these questions and many more Virtusa is hosting a joint panel discussion with CloudHedge and Forrester to empower enterprises on how to accelerate their app modernization journey within days instead of months. In addition, we would also have a quick Q&A session with the audience to answer the roadblocks faced in their app modernization journey.

CloudHedge enables enterprises to automate modernization of mission critical Windows, AIX, and Linux apps from on-premise to any public/private cloud. With CloudHedge’s OmniDeq™ platform, enterprises can perform – multi-level assessment of heritage applications, Transform them into lean docker containers, and finally deploy those to cloud swiftly. CloudHedge’s OmniDeq™ powered by R6Ai™ further enables a defined path for organizations to adopt micro-services and accelerates their journey to cloud.

What is in it for you?
  • Learn how to fast-track containerization by 50% with an automated end-to-end application modernization journey.
  • Learn more about how to drive ROI through the cloud by modernizing while migrating.
  • Learn how to drive continuous transformation through containerization and microservices architecture.
Panellists Include:
  • Bill Martorelli – Principal Analyst, Forrester
  • Sameer Karmarkar – CTO and Cofounder, CloudHedge Technologies
  • Chirag Barhate – VP Strategic Alliances and Partnerships, CloudHedge Technologies
  • Tarun Jain – SVP and Head, Digital Engineering Practice, Europe, and the Middle East, Virtusa

Day and Date: Thursday, 9th June 2022

Time: 12.00PM to 1.00PM ET

Register for the event here – Link

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