What option will you choose to migrate apps to cloud?

What option will you choose to migrate apps to cloud?

Migrating applications to cloud is inevitable. The questions are by when and how much will it cost?

Let’s address “When” first. When relates to:

  • readiness of an organization (top management to the doers)
  • readiness and/or identification of apps (discover)
  • short listing of tools (including Cloud service provider(s))
  • migration and deployment of apps to cloud

All of the above relates to journey of taking applications (partial or complete) to Cloud.

The more important question, perhaps, is how much is it going to cost? Enterprises have spent millions already and yet achieved a percentage of what they wanted to achieve. Most took the route of “lift and shift” and are now figuring out how to optimize the app and reduce cost. This process is people dependent and error prone, hence costly. Cost relates to:

  • how many people are required, what skills do they bring to the table
  • training existing staff and / or hire expensive trained resources
  • mindset change of the entire development and operations team (#DevOps)


Cloud Migration manual or automated

Some Enterprises have figured out a way to automate parts of the journey to cloud. Automation enables Enterprises to reduce cost and time to market. Needless to say not all applications (including monoliths) are cloud ready. That’s where automation helps in quickly identifying gaps. Applications, which are cloud ready, can be quickly containerized and deployed on cloud of choice (private or public).

Some Enterprises are leveraging our (CloudHedge.io) automated solution of moving applications to cloud (#monolith to #micro-services). An application, if migrated manually, would have taken 200 person months, using Cloudhedge.io it took them 20 person months. You can do the math, TCO reduced significantly.

So, which method will you choose? Manual or Automation?

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