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Why Enterprises need to Modernize AIX (WebSphere) Workloads to Linux

Why Enterprises need to Modernize AIX (WebSphere) Workloads to Linux

IBM’s AIX operating system has powered zillion mission-critical applications for over three decades, providing enterprise applications the edge to do more. And, let’s not forget that a huge chunk of BFSI applications is still nesting on AIX within their own data centers due to its security, performance, and reliability. However, with the changing times, there is a gradual reduction in expertise available to support this super reliable, resilient, and redundant operating system which is complex and expensive to run and maintain. And probably one of the main reasons why an enterprise would look for migration/modernization of their AIX workloads.

Challenges for Modernizing AIX (WebSphere) workloads

  • High or overshooting maintenance costs/reduce OpEx
  • Absence or poor availability of skilled administrators to manage AIX Servers
  • Unsupported modern enterprise software
  • Planning or are already on cloud but not able to accrue or extract the true potential from cloud
  • Autoscale application workloads as and when required without relying on VMs
  • Modernization is expensive, have to re-write code which is further time and effort consuming

AIX to Linux

AIX (WebSphere) applications can be modernized into containers and deployed using Kubernetes. Linux is the most prominent base for containers. Using CloudHedge, enterprises can re-platforming their AIX (WebSphere) workloads to Linux which is the first step in the modernization process, of course in an automated manner that is time and cost-efficient. Once re-platformed to Linux it can be then seamlessly deployed in public/private cloud through containers using CloudHedge’s App Modernization Platform, that too in days instead of weeks/months.

Here is a snapshot of how CloudHedge modernizes AIX Workloads:
AIX Workload Modernization

Want to modernize your AIX WebSphere workloads to Linux within days instead of months? Email us at and accelerate your app modernization journey.

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