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Why should an Enterprise Invest in Containerization of Applications Instead of Lift-and-Shift

Why should an Enterprise Invest in Containerization of Applications Instead of Lift-and-Shift

In our series of blog posts based on Automated Containerization, here is another quick read on why Enterprises should invest in containerization of applications instead of Lift-and-Shift approach.

Moving Away from Legacy Applications

Legacy applications can be slow and expensive to maintain. If you use the Lift-and-Shift approach to migrate applications to cloud is relatively inexpensive, but ongoing operating costs can be exactly the opposite. The contention is that applications perform and evolve relative to their environments. With the Lift-and-Shift approach, on-prem applications can move to the cloud without redesign, but they cannot always take full advantage of native-cloud features.  

At an enterprise level, it is often thought that Lift-and-Shift is more cost-effective than containerization. However, the truth is that the maintenance and operation costs associated with Lift-and-Shift are much higher and negate the initial cost-effectiveness. So, a Lift-and-Shift approach may not be the most effective migration path.

Irrespective of whether you consider a larger picture, if you try to evaluate your strategy on various parameters such as cloud platform and migration techniques that will best optimize the application towards your business goals, you will find that Lift-and-Shift woes are aplenty.

Container Technology

Forrester’s study found that 66 percent of organizations that had adopted containers experienced accelerated developer efficiency, while 75 percent of companies achieved a moderate-to-significant increase in application deployment speed. When compared to containerization, Lift-and-Shift migration falls short in terms of features, performance, portability of code and data, agility, and security governance. 

Below are some of the benefits associated with containers.

Benefits of Containers

Automated Containerization

The main differentiator that CloudHedge offers in this respect is automated containerization. Leveraging automation that CloudHedge offers help enterprises save time and money, prevent issues, and deploy containers in the most effective way. 

Adopt CloudHedge tools over Lift-and-Shift to overcome all those inherent woes that come along with Lift-and-Shift and promptly move ahead in this fast-paced, ever-changing world.

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