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CloudHedge is proud to have been recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor. This prestigious recognition underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of modernization.

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OmniDeq: The Intelligent Modernization Platform

Say goodbye to the challenges of enterprise modernization. With OmniDeq, CloudHedge’s cutting-edge platform powered by R6Ai TM, you’re equipped to transform your applications with unprecedented efficiency and intelligence.

Deploy with Ease

Instantly deploy multiple containerized applications on any cloud or on-premise environment.

Industry-Focused Automation

Benefit from industry-specific intelligent automations tailored to your needs.

Data Freedom

Escape the constraints of data lock-ins with seamless infrastructure migration.

BMW Achieves 60% Faster Time-to-Market

Discover how CloudHedge helped BMW achieve exceptional results in their modernization efforts. Learn how BMW reduced operational costs by 55%, accelerated time-to-market by nearly 60%, and made substantial strides toward sustainability. Explore the full case study for insights into their remarkable transformation.

DART: Your Complete Modernization Assessment and Strategy Tool

Get ahead in your modernization journey with DART, Cloud Hedge’s specialized assessment and rationalization platform.
Gain valuable insights into your application landscape, risks, cost savings, and sustainability – all powered by Al.

Comprehensive Insights

Discover your application landscape’s intricacies, dependencies, and potential for modernization.

Cloud Readiness

Receive recommendations on cloud readiness indicators for each application.

Cost-Saving Strategies

Project cost savings and intelligent migration pathways for your apps.

Sustainability Focus

Monitor your environmental impact with ESG Green Score reporting.

Join the ranks of businesses that have successfully accelerated their modernization journey with CloudHedge.
Our proven methodologies and expertise ensure your transformation is swift, efficient, and cost-effective.

Speed and Agility

Accelerate your cloud migration and app modernization while enhancing agility.

Precision and Consistency

Achieve high-quality, predictable outcomes with automation and Al.

Cost Efficiency

Cut initial migration costs and reduce operational expenses with modernized apps.

End-to-End Support

Benefit from our comprehensive, end-to-end modernization solutions.

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Transform your Enterprise with CloudHedge, your partner from assessment to execution

Don’t let your legacy systems hold you back. Take the leap into the future of enterprise IT transformation with CloudHedge.
We’re your partners from assessment to execution, ensuring your business stays ahead of the technology curve.