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Leapfrog Enterprise IT Transformation Barriers
with World’s First Omni Environment App Modernization Platform

Innovation at Will

Quick-deploy multiple containerized applications on any Cloud* or On-Premise within minutes. Win customers, win
market share.

*AWS, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes, Tanzu, OpenShift, IBM Cloud


Build and deploy Secure Lean Containers that are portable across environments.


Achieve faster IT Transformation with intelligent automations specifically
for Industry sectors.

Freedom from Destination Lock-ins

Avoid hidden costs of Data Lock-ins. OmniDeqTM gives you complete flexibility to migrate to any hardware infrastructure seamlessly, anytime.

Business Positive

Complete business continuity during Transformation waves. Zero loss of
Business, zero loss of customer trust.

Futureproof Enterprise
IT Transformation

Cloud or Edge. Stay ahead of the Technology curve with OmniDeq’s seamless App Modernization capabilities across the tech horizon.

Our Solutions

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