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Revolutionizing Land Valuation: Thite Valuers’ App Modernization for COVID Efficiency!

Thite Valuers faced multiple challenges, including generating valuation reports in various formats, managing invoices, and collating data from multiple reports. Their existing on-premise infrastructure proved inefficient and time-consuming, hampering their ability to meet customer demands and maintain operational agility.


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Benefits Achieved

The strategic collaboration between Thite Valuers and CloudHedge yielded exceptional results, enabling the company to thrive and adapt to changing circumstances

40% Cost Reduction and Time Savings

By modernizing the application and migrating to AWS, Thite Valuers achieved a 40% reduction in operating costs and significantly improved time management. Valuation processes were streamlined, reducing time and effort, and enabling faster report generation.

Improved Reliability and Performance

CloudHedge’s innovative ideas and expertise enhanced the solution’s reliability and performance. Thite Valuers benefited from a unique dashboard developed by CloudHedge, improving efficacy in time management by 30%.

Business Resilience during COVID-19

With AWS-hosted web applications, Thite Valuers seamlessly transitioned to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. They continued operations without disruption, ensuring business continuity and providing uninterrupted services to their clients.

Sustainability Focus

Thite Valuers’ modernization journey embraced sustainability principles

Digital Transformation

By digitizing the valuation process and eliminating paper-based reports, Thite Valuers reduced paper usage, contributing to environmental sustainability.

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