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CloudHedge Announces Support for Windows & Linux Application Containerization onto IBM Edge Application Manager Running on Red Hat OpenShift

CloudHedge Announces Support for Windows & Linux Application Containerization onto IBM Edge Application Manager Running on Red Hat OpenShift

Plano, Texas, United States – May 5, 2020 – CloudHedge and IBM are teaming on a new collaboration around IBM Edge Application Manager running on Red Hat OpenShift that will mobilize application workloads to run seamlessly across edge devices. CloudHedge’s unique technology coupled with IBM Edge Application Manager ensures that our customers realize maximum value from their investments in enterprise applications, while transitioning to the Edge.

IBM’s new Edge Application Manager solution automates and enables AI, analytics and IoT workloads to be securely deployed and remotely managed, delivering real-time analysis and insight at scale – up to 10,000 devices simultaneously. Containerizing traditional enterprise workloads can be greatly simplified with the automated containerization solution from CloudHedge. 

IBM and CloudHedge provide coverage for the IT landscape of customers across Windows, Linux, and AIX platform-based workloads. These workloads upon containerization are capable of being deployed to Edge devices at scale, in a secure and reliable manner.

“We are very excited to deepen our collaboration with IBM, to bring diverse application workloads onto IBM Edge Application Manager running on Red Hat OpenShift. This will provide a big boost to Linux and Windows containerization customers worldwide, who aspire to deliver innovative edge computing use cases by leveraging IBM Edge Application Manager.” says Mr. Abhijit Joshi, Founder & CEO of CloudHedge. 

With the Internet of things and the advent of 5G technology, edge computing is assuming center stage in many industries. Edge data centers & edge devices capable of data processing & hosting enterprise applications can be leveraged a great deal, by combining the unique capabilities of CloudHedge, IBM Edge Application Manager, and Red Hat OpenShift.

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