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Going Beyond with Hybrid Cloud using CloudHedge – The Best of Both Worlds

Going Beyond with Hybrid Cloud using CloudHedge – The Best of Both Worlds

Lately, enterprises are moving towards a hybrid solution that offers the best of both worlds. A hybrid cloud setup combines two infrastructures like a private cloud with one or more public cloud further enabling communication between each distinct service. To maximize returns, a hybrid cloud strategy equips the enterprise with greater flexibility and control by moving workloads between clouds as costs and resources fluctuate. In addition, enterprises can reap the benefits by modernizing their applications in a hybrid environment to foster innovation and focus more on business expansion.

Why the Hybrid Cloud Approach?

The following reasons contribute as to why enterprises are preferring the hybrid cloud approach during the modernization of their age-old mission-critical legacy applications:

  • Avoid Vendor Lock-in
  • Burst Resource from On-Premise to Cloud
  • Adhere to Regulatory Compliances
  • Enable Quicker Disaster Recovery
  • Combine and Extract Multiple Cloud Services
  • Highly Available and Flexible

The Hybrid cloud model works perfectly when there is a need to align IT priorities with business needs. Many times the customer may not know which environment suits them best. In one of the demo calls which I was part of – the client was happy to know that he is moving to a public cloud, however, at the next minute, he wasn’t sure about this big jump as it would mean letting go of the benefits that only a private cloud provides. And this scenario puts us into a tricky situation as to what exactly he is looking for? At one point, the customer wanted a mix of both private and public cloud.

As an example, the customer likes the costs, availability, and scalability public cloud has to offer. On the other hand, he doesn’t want to let go of the exceptional security benefits provided in a private cloud setup with regards to network security, data encryption, keys, etc. And this is exactly where CloudHedge’s Application Modernization Platform saves the day. Allow me to explain and bring out the best of both worlds in a simplified manner.

Patented Application Modernization Platform (for Hybrid Cloud)

CloudHedge’s patented Application Modernization platform enables enterprise customers to discover, containerize, deploy and monitor applications on a hybrid setup. CloudHedge splits the application in a hybrid solution, public cloud services are employed for all non-sensitive operations and use the private cloud where necessary. Below is a high-level offering under the hybrid cloud (Dell and VMware) (AWS, Azure, GCP) approach from CloudHedge.  

  • Automated application assessment for identifying roadblocks and smoothening modernization journey
  • Automated and well-architected infrastructure provisioning 
  • Fully secured network and communication across all the environments
  • Data protection with adherence to governance and compliance
  • Automated deployment of application workloads
  • Observability solutions with monitoring, tracking, logging, automated alerts, and notifications
  • Secured CI/CD (DevSecOps) implementation with hybrid cloud setup
  • Centralized management of all your Kubernetes clusters (container orchestration platform)
  • Cost optimization solutions with integrated billing dashboards
  • Secured Single Sign-on with IAM integration across Hybrid cloud setup
  • Solutions for backup and DR and to keep your critical data securely

We would love to hear from you with your specific hybrid cloud requirements as our platform is utilized by many of our SI partners. The path to a hybrid cloud setup is not complicated anymore as CloudHedge has successfully automated and executed a well-defined app modernization strategy to combine the benefits of both – public and private cloud has to offer.

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