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Accelerating App Modernization to AWS within Days using CloudHedge

Business Applications as we know Applications are the backbone of any digital business! They allow organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences, innovate at supersonic speeds, and harness the true power of breakthrough technology. However, to truly extract the advantages of any business applications, organizations need to ensure that their applications are agile, flexible, cost-efficient, scalable, … Read more

Accelerated App Containerization using AWS Container Services

AppĀ containerization has picked up momentum in recent years as it helps to save costs, time and resources. Resource vendors are available to assist in containerization of one or two apps, but most vendors struggle to execute a large number of app containerization projects with the same skill level and outcomes. As a matter of fact, … Read more

Why Enterprises should push for Container Adoption in 2020?

Introduction Enterprises that have been running their own data centers for a number of years are skeptical of the benefits associated with cloud. One of the considerations for many enterprises is to be able to build modern applications such that the dependency on a particular cloud stack is minimal, or the interfaces that are depending … Read more