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Live Fireside Chat on how to Securely Modernize Enterprise Applications to AWS using CloudHedge and Polyverse

As businesses work to modernize their mission-critical enterprise applications, the push for continuous innovation brings new security challenges and concerns. Moreover, modernizing heavy enterprise workloads to cloud in a secured manner is a herculean task in itself, the challenges are bi-directional and can cause a huge dent if not attended at the right time. Polyverse … Read more

Accelerating App Modernization to AWS within Days using CloudHedge

Business Applications as we know Applications are the backbone of any digital business! They allow organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences, innovate at supersonic speeds, and harness the true power of breakthrough technology. However, to truly extract the advantages of any business applications, organizations need to ensure that their applications are agile, flexible, cost-efficient, scalable, … Read more

App Modernization of WebSphere Applications on Linux to WebSphere Liberty Containers

App Modernization is the Future App Modernization is the way forward, especially when you have hundreds of enterprise WebSphere applications nesting on AIX. These applications are age-old, heavy, and expensive to manage and modernize. This causes a huge roadblock especially when your business is growing and your apps need to be scalable, cost-efficient to run … Read more

App RePlatforming from Windows to Linux using CloudHedge

Are you fed up with constant system upgrades, virus attacks, and the cost burden of Windows licenses? Wouldn’t it be better if the platform had endless support? Then re-platforming the application from Windows to Linux is the better option because the operating system matters while doing the application development. Reasons to Replatform  Most of the … Read more

How to Accelerate App Modernization using CloudHedge

Legacy Days Maintaining legacy applications can be an affliction that saps up energy, time, and resources. Application modernization remains fashionable and involves refactoring, re-purposing, or consolidating legacy software to align it more closely with current business needs and add business value. Traditional methods for modernizing applications include rewriting existing application code to a more modern … Read more

Creating EKS Cluster with Windows 2019 Container Support

AWS EKS has been supporting Linux containers for a while. However, without Windows container support some of the hybrid applications were not supported end to end. In addition, with the version of 1.14 of Kubernetes, AWS introduced Windows container support and with this feature, you would be able to run Linux and Windows containers in … Read more

De-Risk Application Re-Factoring

While cloud adoption in general has been on the rise, the migration of business-critical legacy application workloads to the cloud has been relatively cautious. Apart from financial risk, the primary reason for this precaution is the inherent risk to business operations. Customers who venture into application refactoring have broadly two options: A) Big-Bang Refactoring The … Read more

CloudHedge’s App Modernization Tools are now Red Hat Container Certified

Red Hat Certified App Modernization Tools Accelerate Journey of Enterprise Apps from Red Hat Enterprise Linux to OpenShift  Plano, Texas, United States – November 20, 2019 – CloudHedge Inc, announced that its automated app modernization tools – Discover™, Transform™ and Cruize™ are now Red Hat Container Certified. Enterprises with their apps on Red Hat Enterprise … Read more